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Sometimes, you go out for a long trip, enjoying on the roads and suddenly you realize that you have lost the directions in the middle of the journey. You don’t know where to go from here and at this time the first thing you want to know is “where am I”. You don’t need to panic as the finest way out on the spot is geo-location services along with the world map accessible on internet.

From time to time, you travel by Air, by Train or by Bus on long routes, at times alone. While traveling you may fall asleep, when you open your eyes, suddenly you realize that you are not aware of your location and the same question comes in the mind “where am I”. Therefore you would be dying to identify your geographic position in the world map straight away.

At this point of time, you should open your laptop, tablet or mobile device and check your location using a website or an App that provides this information, as displayed in this page in the form of text and a pointer on the world map.

In some other cases you may be doing a job in which you have to keep on moving from places to places and you have to stay connected with people on internet. Sometimes it’s a mix of both, that you are traveling for fun but you have to take care of your business or job as well, in parallel. In such situations, quite often you may need to know the followings:

  • Where am I?
  • To which Internet Service Provider I am connected to?
  • Where am I in the world map?
  • What is the other info related to me and my ISP (Internet Service Provider) in specific:
    • IP Address
    • Location
    • City
    • Country
    • Region
    • Language
    • Internet Browser
    • Computer System Info
    • Map of location of ISP (Internet Service Provider) you are connected to

The above mentioned list of info may be necessary in various scenarios specially when you connect to internet in public places, internet centers, restaurants, etc. particularly with Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) connection, even from home.

Internet in Public Places

If you have traveled around the world then you might have noticed that some traveling stations have internet centers along with their own computer systems, these are very useful if you don’t have any device that can connect you to the outer world. Sometimes, you have your device but it doesn’t connect with the internet connection of that public place, internet center, restaurant, etc. Every site may not even allow other devices to connect with their network, hence authorities install computers and internet services in such public places, for the ease of public. You may need any or all of the information mentioned in the list above to proceed with your specific activities.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

The device, you are using, may have established internet connection with Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), so it changes the IP Address (Internet Protocol Address) every time you connect to internet, through such a device and/or connection. In DHCP, the IP Address of your device may remain same (whatever was the last IP Address, when you connected your device in that premises), because the Internet Service Provider (ISP) may allocate your device the same IP Address again. In such cases, you may have to get the information provided in this page, specially the IP Address. More importantly, any of this info can actually be an essential data for your work that you have to do, while traveling or even from home using DHCP Connection.

World Map

When it comes in the mind “where am I” the best solution to get the answer is World Map. You open it in a website or an App, it displays a map on the screen along with a sign pointing at your location and the name of your location also appears highlighted on the world map. That’s exactly what a traveler wants.

How a World Map works?

A World Map that tells your location is actually a software application, running on a web server. This software has a database as well that stores the list and information of IP Addresses and locations of the whole world, as much as possible. This data keeps on growing and updating time to time.

When you open a World Map application or website on your device, to find the answer of “where am I”, then it starts by getting the IP Address of your system or the node of any of the Internet Service Providers to whom your device have established internet connection. Then it searches the information retrieved from your system within the data already saved in the web server.

As soon as the world map software matches the data then it shows you the reply of “where am I”. To do so, the world map zooms in the map, a pointer highlights your location and the name of the place appears in bold letters on the map.

World Map is working Slow?

Are you looking for a prompt response of the query “where am I”? It is notable that the World Map applications are usually of heavy size, so they process slow and require a better internet speed and bandwidth to process maps. You may try playing with map with different household internet connections and packages.

On Dial-up connections, these applications will certainly be functioning at a snail’s pace. If you have another kind of internet connection, for example, Broadband or DSL for Home, you may still feel that the World Map application is sluggish because such connections and packages come with a shared bandwidth and you don’t always get the promised bandwidth or speed.

You may not find the speed you like, if so then you should get Broadband for Business or DSL for Business to get fastest response on the query of “where am I”. Their package offers higher speeds and bigger bandwidths. You will certainly feel a great and satisfying difference.

World Map performance in Broadband for Business

There are some jobs that need regular processing of World Map. As mentioned above, the World Map applications require better computers, internet connection and packages, with more speed and bandwidth. So, for such a situation, one should opt for High Speed Broadband for Business or High Speed DSL for Business. These connections and their packages provide smooth functions of World Map applications due to dedicated servers, bandwidths and other services.

To find the best Internet Service Providers of USA for Broadband for Business or DSL for Business go to the following link: Top 10 Internet Services Providers (ISP) in US.

If you are facing issues of slow processing of World Map then it will be good for you to go through other pages of this website also, displaying various popular tools of FREE Online Internet Speed Test and How to increase download speed.


To carry out an Internet Speed Test or DSL Speed Test, follow these guidelines to obtain precise results:
  • Clear Internet Browser Cache
  • Delete Temporary Internet Files, as many as possible
  • Shut down other internet browsers that are open except the one that will execute this internet speed test
  • Close all tab pages other than this one on which you are reading these instructions
  • Cut down other applications and projects that associate with internet
  • Open Task Manager and examine whether there are processes acquiring excessive system resources. Obviously you are going to end those processes
  • Switch off all other internet connections apart from the one used for this internet speed test
  • Scream at your place that nobody should dare connect with internet during this test
  • In order to perform a test through a plug-in of Internet Speed Test -Flash may be required with a particular minimum version.
  • Take a note that your internet browser may already have Flash installed and activated, so no worries and carry on.
  • If a plug-in prompts for Flash Enable, Upgrade or Installation then you should accomplish it OR go ahead with a different internet speed test already present on the next or previous pages of this website.
  • The other plug-in may not ask for Flash or a new version and may not display the same issue prompted by the previous plug-in, therefore you should proceed with the next or previous speed test.
  • Click on "Start speed test" or "Start test" link of the widget, the tool will automatically launch the testing process
  • The moment it concludes the test, it puts on view the values of the ping test, download speed and upload speed
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