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The blog of Internet Service Providers illustrates the details about internet providers, business broadband, business internet, residential internet services, etc. Here in this blog, we would throw some light on the introduction of ISPs and then we would move on to the list of Top 10 Internet Service Providers in USA according to the number of subscribers they possess.

Internet Service Providers or Internet Providers are the organizations that provide internet services and ISP is the short form of Internet Service Provider. Although, these companies offer various kinds of internet connections and packages, the most common types of internet connections are Dial-up, Broadband and DSL (Digital Subscriber Line). The Internet Providers offer their potential subscribers or the current users with various attractive packages to satisfy their needs.

If you go through the packages offered by Internet Providers, you will find many different categories and combinations, including residential internet packages, broadband deals, household broadband, business broadband, home internet, business internet, etc.

Top 10 Internet Service Providers in USA

There are many Internet Providers in USA and their services may be as good as of any other ISP. But here is a list of Top 10 ISPs of USA including cable, DSL and dial-up providers, based on the number of subscribers of these Internet Service Providers. Most of the ISPs offer multiple ways to connect to the Internet.


Comcast is on the top this list with over 21 million customers, with the mind-blowing download speed over 505 Mbps. Comcast offers the best broadband deals, business internet, business broadband, etc. Their product XFINITY is one of the most popular, among the residential users.


AT&T is 2nd on the list of most subscribers of Internet Providers in USA. They are certainly a proud ISP with 16 million subscribers. They provide DSL and dial-up services. Their fiber optic connection provides speed up to astonishing 1 Gbps Speed.

Time Warner

The 3rd one is Time Warner Internet Service Providers in USA with over 12 million users. Their cable connection provides internet speed up to 300 Mbps that is quite amazing. If you are looking for broadband deals of business broadband or business internet then it is notable that Time Warner is the 2nd largest Business Internet Provider by revenue.


Verizon is 4th on the list with over 9 million customers in USA. The maximum speed offered by this Internet Provider is 500 Mbps on the connection of fiber optic cable. Verizon provides speed up to 15 Mbps on DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) connection. The key products and services of Verizon are network services, digital television, business broadband, business internet, fixed line internet, mobile telephony, and fixed line telephony.


With over 6 million customers, CenturyLink is 5th on the TOP 10 Internet Providers in USA. They provide both DSL and Fiber optic connection with the speed up to 40 Mbps that is not so impressive in comparison to some other Internet Service Providers in this list. Their services include Internet hosting service, network services, digital television, fixed-line internet services, fiber-optic broadband and fixed-line telephony. Like other Internet Service Providers, their packages include broadband deals for residential internet, business broadband and business internet.


Charter has obtained over 5 million subscribers in over 25 states of USA. So they are 6th in this list, with maximum 100 Mbps internet speed on cable connection. Charter offers service in the areas of business internet, business broadband, with various broadband deals for household and business sectors, digital telephone, HDTV and cable television.


Cox is 6th on the list of Top 10 Internet Providers in USA, with respect to the total number of subscribers. Cox has acquired approx 4.4 million consumers, to whom they offer internet speed up to 150 Mbps. Their key areas of products and services are wireless, VoIP (Cox Business VoiceManager), broadband internet and television. Cox has enormous focus on business service, including but not limited to business internet, business broadband and business Ethernet services. In 2013, Cox became the 3rd biggest cable internet provider in terms of revenue.


CableVision is coming close to 3 million users and so it is 7th in this list. They offer maximum speed of 101 Mbps. Some of the key products and services of CableVision are cable for residential internet, business internet, VoIP phone and television.


Frontier has obtained over 2.3 million subscribers and is the 8th largest on the list of Internet Service Providers in USA. It offers incredibly fastest internet with maximum internet speed of 10 Gbps on fiber optic link, that’s simply awesome. The main products and services offered by Frontier are fiber optic internet, fiber optic TV, dish satellite television, digital telephone, internet, wireless internet, local telephone service and long distance telephone service.


Windstream is on number 10 of the list of Top Internet Providers in USA, with regard to the total number of consumers of Internet Service Providers. Windstream has achieved over 1.1 million consumers. The maximum internet speed of Fiber connection is up to 1 Gbps. Windstream focuses primarily on telephone, digital TV, managed services to businesses, business internet, business broadband and cloud computing.

Note: To see the latest figures of the Internet Service Providers, you may get the information from their own websites.


To carry out an Internet Speed Test or DSL Speed Test, follow these guidelines to obtain precise results:
  • Clear Internet Browser Cache
  • Delete Temporary Internet Files, as many as possible
  • Shut down other internet browsers that are open except the one that will execute this internet speed test
  • Close all tab pages other than this one on which you are reading these instructions
  • Cut down other applications and projects that associate with internet
  • Open Task Manager and examine whether there are processes acquiring excessive system resources. Obviously you are going to end those processes
  • Switch off all other internet connections apart from the one used for this internet speed test
  • Scream at your place that nobody should dare connect with internet during this test
  • In order to perform a test through a plug-in of Internet Speed Test -Flash may be required with a particular minimum version.
  • Take a note that your internet browser may already have Flash installed and activated, so no worries and carry on.
  • If a plug-in prompts for Flash Enable, Upgrade or Installation then you should accomplish it OR go ahead with a different internet speed test already present on the next or previous pages of this website.
  • The other plug-in may not ask for Flash or a new version and may not display the same issue prompted by the previous plug-in, therefore you should proceed with the next or previous speed test.
  • Click on "Start speed test" or "Start test" link of the widget, the tool will automatically launch the testing process
  • The moment it concludes the test, it puts on view the values of the ping test, download speed and upload speed
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