Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The use of DSLSpeedTest.us and associated services are regulated by these terms and conditions. You agree to these terms and conditions completely by using our website or related services.

License to Use Websites

Unless otherwise stated, DSLSpeedTest.us possesses the intellectual property rights for all the content on our site and reserves these intellectual property rights.

You must not do what is mentioned below in the list, apart from the material particularly planned for sharing and redistribution, for example, information relevant to the results of internet speed tests and other services.

  • Republish content from DSLSpeedTest.us exclusive of our consent
  • Sublicense, rent or sell our services, software or content
  • Duplicate, replicate, copy or else make use of content on our websites for a marketable or profitable use

Privacy Policy

DSLSpeedTest.us is administered by our Privacy Policy that may be changed and restructured in line with the terms mentioned therein.

Copyrights and Trademarks

The trademarks present on DSLSpeedTest.us are registered or unregistered trademarks of DSLSpeedTest.us. Devoid of the written authorization of DSLSpeedTest.us, not anything available on the website is supposed to be interpreted as giving or compromising any license or permission to make use of any trademark.

Acceptable Use

Without our written permission, you must not carry out any system generated or preset or programmed information gathering activities, as well as boundless scraping, information mining, information gathering and information yielding, on or in connection to DSLSpeedTest.us’s.

To facilitate you to get into limited and/or protected sections of DSLSpeedTest.us, if we give you a user ID or password, material and/or services, you must confirm that the user ID and password remain secret and classified.

You must not operate DSLSpeedTest.us in any way that causes, or may cause, harm to our website or issues of the accessibility or openness of our website, or in any mean that is against the law, prohibited, falsified or damaging, or in association with any unlawful, prohibited, falsified or damaging purpose or activity.

You must not make use of DSLSpeedTest.us to broadcast, utilize, copy, send, host, save, publish or distribute any content which includes or is associated to any Trojan horse, worm, spyware, keystroke logger, rootkit, computer virus or other malicious computer software.

DSLSpeedTest.us Brand Assets

These include services and products of DSLSpeedTest.us, as well as content, pictures, logos, icons, documents and software. If you are given specific authorization, only then you may just share out, present, replicate, update, license or sell the material and stick to the procedures and restrictions presented to you earlier by DSLSpeedTest.us. Kindly send us a comprehensive application through the page of Contact Us, if you hold any query regarding the practices, operations or licensing of DSLSpeedTest.us, content for which we have copyrights or to get authorization to operate DSLSpeedTest.us’s Brand Assets. You may check with your copyright lawyer, for further information.

User Content

In this statement, ‘your user content’ implies content, together with limitless audio content, video content, text, pictures and audio-visual subject matter, which you give into our website, for no matter what objective.

DSLSpeedTest.us does not examine the submission of such material to, or the issuance or distribution or presentation of such content on our website, despite DSLSpeedTest.us’s rights under these terms and conditions in connection to user content.

If any content has been or is the matter of any endangered or real lawful proceedings or other similar complaint, you must not present any such user content to DSLSpeedTest.us.

For any content that is submitted on DSLSpeedTest.us, saved on our servers or hosted or issued on our websites, DSLSpeedTest.us possesses the privilege to update or delete it.

You allow DSLSpeedTest.us a royalty-free, payment-free, global, irreversible, unrestricted permit to adjust, make public, interpret, use, replicate, transform and circulate your user material in any present or upcoming media. In addition, you give DSLSpeedTest.us the permission to sub-license these rights and the right to do an activity for violation of these rights.

Your user content is required to be legal and legitimate in any case. Your user content must not violate any third party’s lawful rights, and must not be qualified of becoming a cause of lawful suit, in every case under any applicable law, against DSLSpeedTest.us or you or a third party.

No Warranties

DSLSpeedTest.us makes no warranties or representations in connection to the website or the content and subject matter available within. DSLSpeedTest.us, its services and products are available on ‘as is’ basis, devoid of any warranties or representations, stated or indirectly derived.

DSLSpeedTest.us does not warrant the followings, exclusive of preconception to the commonness of the preceding paragraph:

  • The content of our website is absolute, full, exact, factual, precise or non- deceptive
  • Our website will be accessible continuously or reachable at all

There is not anything on DSLSpeedTest.us that establishes, or is supposed to establish, suggestion or recommendation of any type.

Limitations of Liability

DSLSpeedTest.us will not be accountable to you in connection to the materials of, or utilization of, or otherwise in association with, our website:

  • For any commercial deficit, damage or harm, loss of money, revenue, income, profits or expected savings, loss of agreements or business associations, damage of repute or goodwill, or loss or misrepresentation of data or information.
  • For any straight, derived, indirect, particular or subsequent deficit, damage or harm

These restrictions of responsibility pertain even though DSLSpeedTest.us has been explicitly recommended of the probable loss.


The usage of internet and median online download and upload speeds are reliant on some outside aspects including, but not restricted to, place, gap from the transmission racks, computer hardware and software, the source of traffic, for example, websites that a user has gone through, etc. The results of speed tests conducted on DSLSpeedTest.us are for reference only. DSLSpeedTest.us shall do the best to provide the most achievable excellent services to users. Moreover, we are constant to the Acceptable Use Policy (mentioned above in these terms and conditions) to guarantee every user gets top functioning.

Governing Law

These terms and conditions shall be administered in all aspects by the laws of the United States of America and by the laws of the State of California. Every group irreversibly agrees to the particular individual jurisdiction of the federal and state courts situated in California, as valid, for any subject appearing out of or associating to these terms, apart from that in proceedings looking for implementation of any order or any judgment of such federal or state courts situated in California, such personal authority shall be nonexclusive.

Order of Precedence

If there is a difference between the terms mentioned in this statement and any other contract you possibly hold with DSLSpeedTest.us, together with but not restricted to product or collaboration related conditions and agreements, the other contract will get superiority.


The English form will be the obligatory language for every conflict resolution even if these conditions may be displayed in many languages.

No Waiver

If DSLSpeedTest.us does not succeed to put into effect or work out any of the conditions mentioned in this contract, it in no means implies that we waive any of our privileges to do so.


DSLSpeedTest.us has the privilege to modify these terms and conditions at any moment. After displaying any such amendment to our website, it will be obligatory and operative instantly. We will add footnotes to or explain every modification by updating the Last Updated date mentioned. Your repeated visit of our website establishes a contract to any amendment of the terms and conditions.


Kindly use our Contact Us page to correspond with us, if you come up with any queries, requests or need explanation of the terms and conditions mentioned here.


To carry out an Internet Speed Test or DSL Speed Test, follow these guidelines to obtain precise results:
  • Clear Internet Browser Cache
  • Delete Temporary Internet Files, as many as possible
  • Shut down other internet browsers that are open except the one that will execute this internet speed test
  • Close all tab pages other than this one on which you are reading these instructions
  • Cut down other applications and projects that associate with internet
  • Open Task Manager and examine whether there are processes acquiring excessive system resources. Obviously you are going to end those processes
  • Switch off all other internet connections apart from the one used for this internet speed test
  • Scream at your place that nobody should dare connect with internet during this test
  • In order to perform a test through a plug-in of Internet Speed Test -Flash may be required with a particular minimum version.
  • Take a note that your internet browser may already have Flash installed and activated, so no worries and carry on.
  • If a plug-in prompts for Flash Enable, Upgrade or Installation then you should accomplish it OR go ahead with a different internet speed test already present on the next or previous pages of this website.
  • The other plug-in may not ask for Flash or a new version and may not display the same issue prompted by the previous plug-in, therefore you should proceed with the next or previous speed test.
  • Click on "Start speed test" or "Start test" link of the widget, the tool will automatically launch the testing process
  • The moment it concludes the test, it puts on view the values of the ping test, download speed and upload speed
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