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Internet Service Providers are the organizations that have the capacity to give you access to the internet. You commonly connect with internet from computers, mobiles, tabs, laptops and other gadgets that have internet facility. If you hear somebody discussing the Internet and they specify their vendor, so they are generally discussing their internet providers.

Internet Service Providers are your gateways to the Internet and everything else you can do on the web. As soon as, your internet connection establishes, you will have the facility to send emails, make a go at online shopping, use social media, watch movies, do research and much more.

Internet providers are the connection between your computer and the various servers on the Internet. You may feel like you are conversing with your love ones specifically through email, Skype, or any other messenger, however it is actually a communication system operating like a roundabout. Your email goes from your PC, to the ISP servers, from where it goes to its recipient, through different servers on the system. There are two kinds of Internet Providers; these are internet service providers for household usage and internet service providers for business.

Internet Service Providers for Business

Internet Service Providers for Business refers to the companies who give internet service for business or commercial purpose. These Internet Service Providers for Business offer internet services with the features that fulfill the larger scale of internet requirements raised by businesses and companies.

Their internet service is usually expensive than that of Household Internet Service Providers mainly due to a guaranteed bandwidth of internet. It means that the bandwidth promised to you will always be available, irrespective of the load of users connected to Internet Service Providers for Business.

Although this internet service provides facilities for commercial usage, in addition it can carry out some specific internet requirements even on smaller scope, for example if you are managing a website or some other small business that requires a dedicated IP Address and a dedicated bandwidth, then you have to get internet from Internet Service Providers for Business. In general, Internet Providers do not recommend this internet service for smaller scale business and household users. To find the best Internet Service Providers for Business, here is a list of Top Internet Providers in US.

Internet Service Providers for Household usage

Household Internet Service Providers are the Internet Service Providers who give internet service to household users. These Household Internet Service Providers offer internet services with the features that fulfill small scale internet requirements. The internet providers advise this internet service for household usage, in addition small scale businesses can also employ it, like small shops, stores, home offices, etc. but the internet providers do not recommend it for larger businesses and companies, or other specific requirements like dedicated bandwidth.

This internet service of Household Internet Service Providers is cheaper than that of Internet Service Providers for Business mainly because of the reason that the users, connected to that internet provider, commonly share the bandwidth of internet, at any point of time.

Evolution of ISPs

There are three types of ISPs that evolved in 1990s:

  1. Dial-up Internet Providers
  2. Broadband Internet Providers (the high speed internet)
  3. DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) Internet Providers

The cable companies offered Broadband as the internet evolved with the passage of time, whereas the telephone companies presented Dial-up internet connections. By 2013, despite the fact that dial-up connections were cheap, they became uncommon because they were extremely slow and the other options for Internet Service Providers were ordinarily and promptly accessible and much speedier.

In DSL, users get a connection from internet provider along with a device for connectivity. As internet and technology evolved, the speed of internet raised to surprising heights. The companies providing Digital Subscriber Line or Internet Service Providers for Business provide the speediest internet.

How to select from so many ISPs?

This is without a doubt an essential choice. Your decision and selection from so many Internet Service Providers can have a tremendous effect in your bliss or dis-satisfactions, as a user of internet you are looking for the best speed of internet connection. Conditional to where you live, you may have an incredible number of Internet Service Providers to browse or the limited choices may screw you. To make it easy for the internet users of USA, here we provide a list of Top 10 Internet Services Providers (ISP) in US.

Test the speed of the Internet Service Providers

In any case, you would love to test the speed of the internet service providers before finalizing one for yourself. You can buy a trial version or short time internet package offered by the ISP, and test the internet speed. We recommend testing the internet speed of some high ranked internet providers. You should move forward to buy the long term package of any of the Internet Service Providers who give the highest download and upload speeds.

FREE Online Internet Speed Test Tools

Here we are presenting our collection of FREE Online Internet Speed Test Tools for what to look for while choosing an ISP from multiple internet providers and this link mentions what is the best way to test the upload and download speeds of an internet connection.


To carry out an Internet Speed Test or DSL Speed Test, follow these guidelines to obtain precise results:
  • Clear Internet Browser Cache
  • Delete Temporary Internet Files, as many as possible
  • Shut down other internet browsers that are open except the one that will execute this internet speed test
  • Close all tab pages other than this one on which you are reading these instructions
  • Cut down other applications and projects that associate with internet
  • Open Task Manager and examine whether there are processes acquiring excessive system resources. Obviously you are going to end those processes
  • Switch off all other internet connections apart from the one used for this internet speed test
  • Scream at your place that nobody should dare connect with internet during this test
  • In order to perform a test through a plug-in of Internet Speed Test -Flash may be required with a particular minimum version.
  • Take a note that your internet browser may already have Flash installed and activated, so no worries and carry on.
  • If a plug-in prompts for Flash Enable, Upgrade or Installation then you should accomplish it OR go ahead with a different internet speed test already present on the next or previous pages of this website.
  • The other plug-in may not ask for Flash or a new version and may not display the same issue prompted by the previous plug-in, therefore you should proceed with the next or previous speed test.
  • Click on "Start speed test" or "Start test" link of the widget, the tool will automatically launch the testing process
  • The moment it concludes the test, it puts on view the values of the ping test, download speed and upload speed
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