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DSL Speed Test verifies the download speed as well as upload speed of your internet link. We picked out three of the top ranked widgets meant to assess internet speed and plugged in this website. Guess what, all of these 3 widgets are 100% FREE.

These tools report precise values of the internet speed that you receive from internet service providers. You will soon know that the plug-ins of DSL Speed Test are the finest ones to confirm internet speed, among all such widgets existing on the World Wide Web.

DSL Speed Test Tools

In this day and age, Internet Speed turns out to be vital since routine activities with respect to the majority of the businesses as well as individuals depend upon internet. Furthermore internet consumers exhibit immense interest to verify internet speed by means of distinct tools and websites. Users look for the online widgets with the intention to easily find an estimate of the median download and upload speeds from multiple test results and different plug-ins, instead of relying upon the outcome of only one Internet Speed Test Tool.

To achieve this objective, we put on display a range of the most admired speed checking tools in our web pages. These are:

DSL Speed Test
  [Tool Specs: Broadband Speed Checker, Internet Speed Test -Flash]

Ookla Speed Test
  [Tool Specs: Ookla Speed Test (Mini), Internet Speed Test -Flash]

Internet Speed Test
  [Tool Specs: Broadband Speed Test, Internet Speed Test -Flash]
The internet has demonstrated that it is essential in life of every user. It is the most consumed research and communications medium in this fast paced world. Therefore, a slow DSL connection or internet speed is nothing but a waste of time for the user.

Best Speed Results

There exist diverse types of DSL connections, their broad level categories are Residential DSL Connection and Business Class DSL. Some of us bring into play minor enormity of internet services, quite a few obtain mediocre extent of web functions whereas others exploit Business Class DSL that endows with greatest scale of internet features.

Regardless of what sort of internet deal you acquire, you don’t always catch the superlative and pledged service standards. For that reason, it is amply advisable to keep on performing Internet Speed Test, time to time. You may possess Business Class DSL connection, in that case you are supposed to achieve the lightning quick internet along with uppermost speed figures, obviously that means highest download as well as upload speeds.

Internet Speed Test

It is crucial to examine the quality of internet connection. In view of that you can avail yourself of Internet Speed Test and likewise tune the link of broadband. With the new trends of technology, the number of internet subscribers who employ dial-up connection is dropping consequently the larger proportion of the consumers desire to capitalize on DSL or Broadband Internet Connection for web related activities.

A swift connection of internet doesn’t merely boost the download speed; in addition the upload speed grows to the upper degree. Moreover in favor of the fun lovers, it curtails the buffer time of games as well as videos. The widgets of Internet Speed Test or DSL Speed Test facilitate to look after the excellence of internet link.

Whether you need to tweak a broadband DSL connection or pick a server for website hosting or execute various tasks in relation to internet, whatever the case may be DSL Speed Test gears are exceedingly effective in carrying out Internet Speed Test.

We drive in a web world therefore we call for a quicker web connection. Apart from of the illusion as if it is exclusively to play a few amusements, games, videos or music, in real life we perform regular activities as well as business jobs via the World Wide Web.

Download Speed and Upload Speed

Internet Speed Test points up the procedure wherein it downloads a file from the web utilizing a particular server after that it computes the speed. This is referred as the Speed Test of Internet for the comprehension of a common man.

Similarly while you upload a document, it estimates the speed it takes for the process. Thus the Internet Speed Test or DSL Speed Test is the routine of calculating the download and upload speeds.

Meant for this purpose, we impart worldwide popular Internet Speed Test widgets to catch perfect results.


To carry out an Internet Speed Test or DSL Speed Test, follow these guidelines to obtain precise results:
  • Clear Internet Browser Cache
  • Delete Temporary Internet Files, as many as possible
  • Shut down other internet browsers that are open except the one that will execute this internet speed test
  • Close all tab pages other than this one on which you are reading these instructions
  • Cut down other applications and projects that associate with internet
  • Open Task Manager and examine whether there are processes acquiring excessive system resources. Obviously you are going to end those processes
  • Switch off all other internet connections apart from the one used for this internet speed test
  • Scream at your place that nobody should dare connect with internet during this test
  • In order to perform a test through a plug-in of Internet Speed Test -Flash may be required with a particular minimum version.
  • Take a note that your internet browser may already have Flash installed and activated, so no worries and carry on.
  • If a plug-in prompts for Flash Enable, Upgrade or Installation then you should accomplish it OR go ahead with a different internet speed test already present on the next or previous pages of this website.
  • The other plug-in may not ask for Flash or a new version and may not display the same issue prompted by the previous plug-in, therefore you should proceed with the next or previous speed test.
  • Click on "Start speed test" or "Start test" link of the widget, the tool will automatically launch the testing process
  • The moment it concludes the test, it puts on view the values of the ping test, download speed and upload speed
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